Tomatensalat – The Polish Main Course

Tomatensalat is a traditional Polish dish which is served as the main course of the meal. It is a delicious combination of flavours, consisting of roasted or marinated vegetables, baked goat’s cheese and tomato salad.

The meal begins with a wide selection of maaza (mezze) which are small, delicious snacks to whet the appetite: for example baked goat’s cheese, tomato salad or marinated and grilled vegetables. Pfannkuchen, paprika pancakes, meatballs on skewers or stuffed mushrooms are also commonly eaten in Tomatensalat.

The ingredients for Tomatensalat are mainly ripe tomatoes, olivenol, garlic, salt, pepper, Zwiebeln and Feta. The latter is a vital ingredient as it is an excellent aroma generator for the tomato salad. You should ensure that the Feta you use is of high quality, preferably from the Mediterranean region. This is essential, as it will add a lot of depth to the flavour and keep it fresh for longer.

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