Vitis Vinifera – Tracing the Origins of Wine

Wine is a kind of drink extracted from the Vitis Vinifera plant, more commonly known as the grape vine. This is probably one of the most popular drinks in the world today. Up to date, there are now a wide variety of wines available in the market at varying prices. Either way, the drink has always been a symbol of celebration and gatherings. But before you go out and start opening another bottle, take time to read on and trace back the origin and history of the world’s most favorite drink.

Some may think that Vitis Vinifera wine farms and its origins came from the European continent alone (which is also the area most popular for world-class wines at present), but the fact is, the East has its very own wine history as well. The earliest record that mention of the grape plant being used as a drink was dated all the way back from China, about 9,000 year ago. It was recorded that the drink consisted of the juice extract, honey and fermented rice. Researchers were able to say so because of the presence of tartaric acid at the bottom of jars found from archeological digs. Although scientist could not pinpoint what specific species of grapes were used, they were certain that the plant was found locally in the area. This kind of substance was also discovered in some jars around Western Asia, particularly Iran, but at an earlier date.

Vitis vinifera wine started in the European continent way before it began in the East. The earliest records dated back almost 12,000 years ago through the presence of wild grape seeds and empty grape skins in the small island of Greece. Grapes were an extremely popular vegetation in the European continent for its cool climate and good, fertile soil. This is also one of the main elements for great tasting wine products in the area. In the past, wine drinking was considered as a social status where only the high and the mighty had the privilege of feasting on such drinks. This drink is considered as a staple in rich households where servants were said to have served their masters and their guests several glasses of wine in a day.

Over the years, people, particularly the Europeans have learned to perfect the growing of Vitis Vinifera and the wine making process. From the traditional manual pressing, wines today are now extracted through machines. As wine making became widespread and its products more popular all throughout the world, more and more countries started cultivating their own farms to produce the drink.

Today, Vitis vinifera is now one of the most cultivated plants in the world. Wine bottles now graze the tables of not just the rich and the famous but the common people as well. Wines now come in a huge range of prices, with various tastes and alcohol content in them. In the end, this lowly plant has indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings to be dubbed as the world’s most favorite drink. portland or wine tours

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