Voice Over Training Courses

The Voiceover training industry is huge, and the possibilities for a career in it seem endless. From recording commercials to narrating audiobooks, the profession requires a range of skills and techniques. Fortunately, there are a number of online voice acting classes that can teach you how to master these skills. These courses will give you insights into how the business works, what to expect in a recording session, and how to create a winning demo reel.

The Comprehensive Voice Over Training

This course is a great option for beginners who want to get started in the voice acting industry. It covers virtually all aspects of the profession, from developing a good voice to negotiating rates with clients and finding an agent to represent you. The course also includes tips on how to build a website and social media accounts to market yourself as a voice actor.

How to Perform Voice Acting with Confidence

This specialized course, from on the mic training, is designed to help you become more confident in your ability to deliver each script. It focuses on improving your emotions so that you are more equipped to bring the character alive in your reading.

The course is offered on Udemy, which is known for offering regular discounts. The price is currently a bargain at just under $50. The course is curated by Peter Baker, a well-known coach who has worked with the BBC. It also features lectures from Donald Fittsgill, who has worked as a professional voice actor for a while now.

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