Water Soluble Film and Its Applications

Water soluble film, also known as PVA/PVOH film, is an environmentally friendly packaging material that is made from polyvinyl alcohol. It is colorless, odorless, and biodegradable. It has high heat-sealing properties, as well as good gas barrier performance, making it an excellent choice for a variety of packaging applications.

Growing concerns about eco-friendliness are driving the demand for packaging using water soluble film. These films are often used to package ready-to-eat foods such as candy, chips, and single-serve products like coffee and tea. Moreover, they are commonly used to package agrochemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. This is because they help protect workers from direct contact with hazardous materials during handling and transport.

In addition, they can be used to protect delicate items such as flowers and vegetables from damage during transportation and storage. They can also be used as a protective cover for chemicals in laboratories and manufacturing plants.

The growing need for convenience food items is also a significant driver for the market growth of water soluble film. For example, Kuraray’s MonoSol product can be used in the protein and supplement industry to manufacture a pre-portioned packet that can dissolve into a shaker bottle. This reduces the hassle of measuring and mixing the powder in a beverage while consuming, and saves both time and money. water soluble film

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