Wedding Videographer in Santorini

With a background in fashion, painting and illustration, Simona is the perfect recipe to create wedding films that are poetic and cinematic. She loves to listen and to understand her clients’ wishes. She knows that every couple is unique and tries to give them a special touch to their wedding day.

She has worked with many international couples and is an expert in destination weddings in Greece. She is passionate about capturing emotional moments, and the joy of being in love. Her work is characterized by her love for detail and the use of light to capture the most beautiful emotions.

When it comes to a destination wedding, the two most important vendors are your planner and your videographer. They will provide you with valuable advice, help you create schedules and timelines, as well as assist you in solving unexpected issues that may arise during your big day.

A romantic destination wedding in Santorini is an unforgettable experience! It’s a must for all couples who are dreaming of a memorable celebration framed in breathtaking sceneries. Choose the clifftop venues, the whitewashed chapels and the secluded spots to create a romantic fairytale wedding! wedding videographer santorini

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