What Are Agency Ad Accounts?

A Facebook agency ad account is an advertising account that professional marketing agencies use to manage their client’s Facebook campaigns. This enables them to achieve their clients’ goals by having the ability to scale and grow their campaigns quickly and efficiently without having daily spending limits. These ad accounts have a high level of trust and are rarely suspended, giving them a significant advantage over regular ad accounts.

Agency ad accounts are also able to provide a higher level of support for their clients. They often have a dedicated representative at Facebook, which can expedite the process of recovering disabled or banned accounts. This provides peace of mind to business owners, as they can rest assured that their agency will do everything possible to protect and maintain their ad accounts.

However, a business should keep in mind that it’s not wise to solely rely on agency ad accounts. This can be a recipe for disaster, especially when it comes to account management. It’s a general principal of good social media governance that the brand should own all assets (including channels, ads & accounts).

When a business hires an agency to handle their social media management, they should only grant access to assets that the agency needs for them to do their job. This can include ad accounts, Pages, and catalogs. It’s recommended that each of these be created in the brand’s Business Manager, and only shared with the agency once it has been fully reviewed & approved by the team.

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