What Is a Bitcoin Mixer

A bitcoin mixer is a service that mixes your coins with others, obscuring the original source. This can be useful for people who want to improve the security of their transactions.

However, using a tumbler can be risky, especially if it is associated with illicit activity. It’s worth checking the legal status of a mixer before using it.

1. Helix by Grams

Helix is a centralised bitcoin tumbler from Grams which is very easy to use. It does not require you to sign up for a Grams account to use and the service will not link your online identity to your Helix tumbler. It is one of the most secure mixers available and uses proprietary technology while tumbling to prevent any possible theft or tracing.

One of the best things about Helix is that there is a full printed manual which is really worth printing out – click on the image above to see a better version. That way you can see all the different highlighted bits of information and actually the whole thing is not as daunting as it looks at first glance.

You get a quick start guide, a hex wrench and a mains cable with Helix. It is also good to note that Helix is a very ‘open’ type of floor processor meaning that you can connect other gear to it – effects pedals, racks, switchers and more. Its a great addition to any guitarists tool box and even for beginner’s it is a really good purchase.

2. BitMixer

BitMixer is a popular bitcoin mixer that offers users the ability to mix their own coins with other users’ bitcoins. This helps to anonymize the links between your Bitcoin addresses and your real-world identity. This service is sometimes referred to as a tumbler.

The site has a large reserve of bitcoins that is used to process mixing transactions quickly and effectively. This allows the platform to provide customers with more security and privacy than many of its competitors.

BitMixer also supports manual percentage distribution, allowing users to customize the mix they receive. Additionally, the service lets users set different time-delays for each address, further increasing their anonymity.

As a result of the extra layer of privacy that BitMixer provides, the service is often used by people who take their bitcoin security seriously. However, it is important to remember that a bitcoin mixer can never completely protect your anonymity. For this reason, some users choose to use a more private protocol like CoinJoin instead of a centralized bitcoin mixer. This protocol obfuscates the input and output transactions of a particular bitcoin transfer, but requires peer-to-peer cooperation from multiple users.

3. BitMixed

BitMix is a new bitcoin mixer that provides an easy-to-use interface to mix your crypto coins before forwarding them. You need to input the receiver’s address and the amount you want to transfer, BitMix will then mix your coin for you before forwarding it. This way, the receiver will see a transaction coming from a random account and will not be able to trace back the transaction to you.

The algorithm used by BitMix is different from the one of CutMix and other regional dropout augmentations because it generates a target label that is adaptive to the stego image embedding, whereas other data augmentations (such as local patch size) do not do this. Moreover, the BitMix algorithm with optimised parameters improves network performance more than other existing DA methods.

Currently, BitMix only supports two cryptocoins — Bitcoin and Litecoin, but they have indicated that they will be adding Ethereum soon.

4. BitMixed

BitMixed is a bitcoin tumbler that mixes your coin with the coins of other users before sending it to the receiver. This is to prevent someone from tracking your transaction and following it back to you. The service is free and works well. It only supports Bitcoin and Litecoin but the site says it will add Ethereum soon. Input your recipient’s address, the amount you want to send and a random code that you will have to input every time you use their service. They also ask that you save a letter of guarantee in case something goes wrong with your transaction.

5. BitMixed

BitMixed uses a technology that makes it impossible to trace a cryptocurrency transaction back to you. When you transfer coins to the platform, they mix them for you before forwarding them to your receiver. You will receive a new random coin which you can then send to your recipient. BitMix is currently compatible with Bitcoin and Litecoin. It is advisable to save a ‘lifetime code’ which you will need to input every time you want to use the service.

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