What Is a PGDL?

PGDL is a law conversion course that allows people who hold non-law degrees to become barristers or solicitors. The course provides an invaluable foundation for a legal career. It covers a wide range of topics such as trust principles, the law of equity and inheritance laws. The PGDL is generally one year long, and it can be studied either online or in person.

You can choose a PGDL provider to suit your learning style. The courses are typically taught through a combination of lectures and tutorials. Some providers also offer a mixture of online and face-to-face classes, which can be useful for students who have full-time jobs or family commitments.

The cost of a PGDL will vary depending on the location and whether you study part-time or full-time. Taking into account extra costs such as accommodation and travel expenses will help you to calculate the total cost of your PGDL.

Scholarships are available to support PGDL students in the UK. Many of the leading PGDL providers (including BPP University and the University of Law) offer scholarships to students who show exceptional merit and promise. Scholarships can be worth up to PS20,000.

The PGDL can be a demanding and challenging course, especially if you are studying it full time. It is therefore important to consider how you will be able to manage your studies with work, life and other commitments. Some law firms will sponsor their employees’ PGDL and LPC fees, and this can be a good option for those looking to gain work experience in the legal sector while they are studying.

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