What Is Counselling?

Counselling is a type of therapy where clients share their problems with a professional counsellor, who listens without judgement and provides guidance and support. This helps the client to solve their own problems, improve self-understanding and make changes in their life. Counselling is often used to help overcome problems such as depression, anxiety, addictions and relationship issues. It can also be useful to deal with traumatic experiences, childhood trauma, or to overcome life-limiting beliefs and negative habits.

Counsellors can work in a variety of settings, including mental health agencies, hospitals, community organisations and private practice. They may work with individuals or in groups, such as family therapy or support group sessions. Some are trained in a particular method of counselling, such as CBT, psychodynamic or person-centred. They may specialise in certain areas of counselling, such as adolescent or family therapy.

A person-centred approach, where the counsellor listens to the client’s feelings and thoughts and helps them to find their own solutions, is the most common form of counselling. However, some counsellors use other approaches such as cognitive behavioural therapy, which involves helping the client to change their ways of thinking and behaving.

Counselling is a personal and confidential process. However, it can be expensive. Some counsellors offer reduced rates for concession holders, and community welfare, family and relationship services or universities that teach counselling may provide free or low-cost counselling. Alternatively, people can join self-help groups where they discuss their problems with other members in a safe and supportive environment without a counsellor. https://milton-keynes.transformation-coach.co/

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