What is Whipped Soap?

Whipped soap is a fun and exciting addition to your skincare routine. Unlike traditional soap bars, which can leave your skin feeling tight and dry, whipped soaps have a soft, moisturizing texture that leaves your skin silky-smooth and refreshed. Moreover, these soaps come in an array of enticing scents and colors to match your personal taste and mood.

Made with a blend of skin-loving ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, these soaps are gentle on the skin and won’t strip your body of its natural oils. Additionally, they can be customised with different additives to make them even more nourishing and hydrating for your skin.

These creamy whipped soaps can be used for handwashing, showers or as shaving cream. They are also a great option for those who have eczema as they don’t contain harsh ingredients that can aggravate the condition.

Unlike soap bars, whipped soaps are easy to use and require no curing time. You can easily store them in a jar at home and dispense the soap using a scoop or a swipe. They are also perfect for travelling as they won’t create a mess in your luggage.

All Zoey koko soaps are made with the finest ingredients and are produced after you place your order to ensure they reach you fresh and unspoiled. Our whipped soaps are available in a range of delicious fragrances including Sweet Mango, Sea Salt & Orchid, Lavender France, Lychee & Red Tea, and Pineapple Papaya. Whipped Soap

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