When should you call in the Appliance Repair Guy?

It’s annoying when you have a freezer or refrigerator filled with produce and your freezer or fridge breaks down. It’s a sheer waste when you have to throw out good food. American families are usually wasteful, even under normal circumstances. We throw out around 213 kg (470 lbs) of food every year (2002 figures) of which fresh produce accounts for around 25%. Shopping smart and learning to store food would help in reducing this statistic. But if you fridge full of food breaks down, until you can get your appliance repair man to come and take a look, there would be no way to store your provisions. The microwave and washing machine are equally important in our lives today. For busy individuals, having a microwavable meal is often an option we cannot avoid. Regularly dining out or ordering in is expensive, heating up a meal is what many choose to do when they have little time and don’t want to spend a great deal of money. You need basic appliances like microwave, freezer, fridge etc. in good working condition in your home.  If your appliances are no longer under guarantee, they might need occasional service from appliance repair professionals.

Considering the fact that your freezer and fridge is running round the clock, it is surprising that some fridges and freezers continue to give good service long beyond their guarantee periods. Often your refrigerator and freezer may not require major repairs. If the door won’t close properly, simply adjusting the leveling of the fridge might do the trick. If the door still does not close properly, the hinges might need tightening or the door gasket might need to be replaced. In some models, the magnetic catch on the door might have to be manipulated to allow the door to latch properly.

The major parts of any cooling appliance, like a refrigerator, are the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. The compressor system is responsible for forcing the coolant through the coil. Other basic parts are the motor, switches, thermostats, heaters, condensers and fans. When you are checking your appliance, repair may be possible if you can identify the part that is faulty and it can be easily replaceable. Do not work on the fridge or freezer without unplugging it first. Capacitors in the fridge store electricity, if you are to do any repair work yourself, you might receive a nasty shock if the capacitor is not discharged first. If you lack the confidence to do the work, call a qualified technician for appliance repair. Council Bluffs residents should look up local contractors in the area that repair all brands and types of appliances. norcold rv refrigerators

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