Why Do We Love Bad Dad Jokes?

The world is full of groans, eye rolls and dad jokes, but it’s not always easy to figure out why we love to chuckle at such cheesy puns and lame one-liners. While it’s tempting to assume that the association between dad jokes and fathers reveals that fathers are just more prone to this type of humor, researchers have found that the real story is a lot more complex and fascinating. Dad jokes are an important part of human humour and they reveal much about the ways that we learn to laugh and interact with each other.

The key to understanding why we love bad dad jokes is realizing that they aren’t really bad. Like any joke, they are only funny to the person telling them. This is particularly true of dad jokes, which tend to rely on over-the-top puns and silliness that only a dad would find humorous.

What makes dad jokes so interesting is that they can be seen as a form of social interaction and a way to communicate with children. Research shows that dad jokes aren’t just entertaining to hear, they can also teach children valuable lessons about how to cope with embarrassment and how to make a good impression on others. This explains why dad jokes are so popular, both in the real world and on websites such as r/dadjokes, which has more than 1.7-million subscribers. It’s also why some parents are willing to subject their kids to a barrage of eye-rolling dad jokes, even though it can cause them pain.

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