Why Online Bookies Are More Popular Than Betting Shops

Betting shops have always been an essential part of the British high street but in recent years, they have come under scrutiny. There have been growing concerns about the social impact of betting shops, and the role that they play in encouraging gambling.

The introduction of fixed-odds betting terminals in 2001 also triggered an outcry over the damage that they can do to punters and the industry. This led to the introduction of new rules and controls which have now been implemented in many parts of the country.

Why Online Bookies Are More Popular Than Betting Shops

The number one reason that online sportsbooks have become more popular than brick-and-mortar betting shops is that they offer better odds. In fact, some of the most well-known sportsbooks in the world now offer odds on more than 20-25 different sporting events, esports, special markets and other products.

They also offer a much wider range of bonuses, promotions and prizes as well as a wide variety of other betting features that are difficult to find in brick-and-mortar shops. These features include early cash-out and bet builder, among others.

While the future of betting shops is bright, it remains to be seen whether they can remain a fixture on the UK’s high streets and what impact mobile betting might have on them. At the moment, they are largely on the decline and it’s possible that they could soon become extinct as mobile gambling becomes the next step in the betting revolution. opening times

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