Why You Need a Drug Charges Lawyer

If you are charged with a drug crime, your freedom, future career prospects and finances could be on the line. This is why it is so important to get an experienced drug charges lawyer to help you defend yourself against the allegations.

Drug offenses can have serious consequences including jail time, fines, prison time, loss of professional licenses, and a permanent record. A conviction for a drug crime will impact your ability to obtain financial aid for college, and will prevent you from getting jobs in certain industries. This is why it’s so crucial to get a New York criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible.

A skilled drug charges lawyer will review your case, examine all evidence and provide you with legal advice that will help you avoid a conviction. They will work hard to keep your record clean and may be able to negotiate with prosecutors for a lesser charge.

In the state of New York, controlled substance offences are grouped into 4 main categories: possession, sale, paraphernalia and manufacturing. Some types of drugs are patently illegal, such as cocaine and heroin. Other substances are legal if they are used with a prescription, such as amphetamines prescribed for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), anti-anxiety medications like Xanax and oxycodone, and marijuana in states where it is legal to grow and possess.

A drug charge lawyer may argue that the drugs found did not belong to you. They may also argue that the police conducted an illegal search, such as without probable cause or a warrant, and that evidence seized as a result of this was inadmissible. drug charges lawyer

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