Why You Should Outsource Photo Editing

Outsourcing photo editing is becoming a popular choice for many photographers. While it can be an investment, it can free up your time so that you can focus on booking clients and growing your business.

A good outsourcing company can provide consistency in your workflow, and can help ensure that your images are gallery-ready for each client. They can also offer a faster and more consistent turnaround than an individual editor who may not have the capacity to do your work. A service that specializes in outsourced photo editing will be able to offer a minimum of 24 hours for turnaround, and often much quicker. For example, Pixelz can often deliver your edited images by the next morning (if you upload before 6:00 pm your time).

The cost of outsourcing can seem daunting. But it is important to remember that you are saving yourself the cost of your own salary. For example, if it takes you 7 hours to edit a wedding and your hourly rate is $30, then that wedding costs you $210. But when you outsource the editing to an experienced editing company, you save yourself the cost of that one wedding.

Some photographers are concerned that they will lose control by outsourcing their editing, but this is a misconception. When you outsource to a quality editing company, such as ProImageEditors, your photos are not only edited quickly and efficiently, but they are done to the standard that you have set for your work. outsource photo editing

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