Your Customer Proposition – Is It As Compelling As It Should Be?

Are you generating enough enquiries and leads every month?

If the answer is yes, then you’re obviously good at marketing. If however the answer is no, the question is why not?

Ask yourself whether your basic customer proposition is as attractive and compelling as it should be.

· Do you make it easy for customers to buy from you?

· Do customers fully understand what you do and the benefits you will bring to them?

· Is there a clear reason why prospective customers should buy from you instead of your competitors?

Before a company can market itself effectively it must have the fundamental building blocks of its customer proposition in place in order to present its most compelling face to its prospects.

To ensure you have these building blocks in place you will need to consider the following:

Business Description

Can you sum up your business in a few simple words so that it’s totally clear what you do? This brief but comprehensive description of your business should be the first words on your web site, on your marketing collateral and even used as your elevator speech.

Corporate Strap Line

This will probably be similar to your business description but probably a bit catchier and will probably be used in conjunction with your logo on all your collateral and stationery.

What Business Are You Really In?

Here you must look at your business but from your customers’ point of view, making sure that the benefits you deliver are included ie an accountant may prepare annual accounts but what they really do is provide financial expertise and guidance to make sure their clients thrive.

What Do Clients Really Want?

If you identify what clients really want then you can make sure that you provide it. So with accountants what customers really want may be to have all their financial matters sorted out for them, financial information available to allow them to make decisions and to save the maximum amount of tax.

How Can You Add Value To Your Offering?

How can you add the “wow factor” to your service. I remember the first time a servicing garage washed my car for me. It knocked my socks off and I decided I would definitely go back there again. What can you do to knock your customers’ socks off?

Corporate Positioning

How do you want to position your company to suit your target audience and how will that positioning manifest itself?

What Can You Offer For Free?

Why should you want to offer anything for free? Because everyone loves something for nothing. Free offers give you something to hang your marketing around. Free offers make great headlines on direct marketing, create a focus on your website, work well in social media. In fact Free works well everywhere and enables you to start conversations with prospective customers. Free also allows potential customers to engage with you without spending any money.

USP/Stand Out

This is possibly the single most important part of your customer proposition. What is there about your business which makes it stand out from your competitors and therefore makes you the obvious choice? If you really can’t find anything in your current proposition which gives you that stand out, then you should consider creating something new especially to differentiate yourselves.

Remove The Barriers To Purchasing With Guarantees

When a customers are considering making a new purchase there is often a question mark in their mind. What if the item or service doesn’t deliver exactly what they are hoping for. You need to find some way to take away the risk so the buying decision is easy. One classic way of doing this is to offer a guarantee of some sort -a money back guarantee or maybe a 30 day home trial. If there is no risk to the purchaser then it becomes easy to make the decision to buy.

Once you’ve provided answers to all these issues, you can be confident that you have an attractive and powerful customer proposition – one that you can be confident to market to your prospects. custom logo socks

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